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New Arrivals

Greater Good Pack of 5 Swedish Dishcloth

IDR 87.000

Our Greater Good Swedish Dishcloths, made from 100% plant-based materials, offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper towels, with one dishcloth replacing up to 15 rolls. These super-absorbent cloths can handle a variety of cleaning tasks— from dishes and countertops to appliances and bathrooms—thanks to their ability to soak up liquid 20 times their weight. They transition from soft to gritty for versatile cleaning, are quick-drying, odorless, and easy to maintain with a simple rinse or a cycle in the washing machine or dishwasher.

Greater Good Silicone Travely Cutlery Set (Available in 3 colors)

IDR 115.000

Our reusable travel flatware set offers a sustainable alternative to single-use cutlery, perfect for those on the move. Designed to fit adults, this durable utensil set comes with a silicone case, ensuring your cutlery remains clean and neatly packed while you travel.

Lettering and Life Colorful Train Stacking Blocks

IDR 199.000

The Train Stacking Blocks toy is a delightful wooden locomotive set with versatile blocks for stacking, designed to enhance children’s motor skills, introduce colors and 3D shapes, and improve eye-hand coordination. Beyond its educational benefits, it stimulates brain readiness for language and movement, and serves as charming room decor when not in play.


Lettering and Life Gelato Set

IDR 199.000

The Gelato Ice Cream Set by Lettering and Life, featuring cones and sticks in playful options, is enhanced with the brand’s signature earth-tone colors and four unique flavors: Choco Banana Stick, Strawberry Vanilla Choco Stick, Vanilla Strawberry Raspberry Cone, and Mint Lemon Cone. This set not only encourages children to explore flavors and choices but also doubles as charming home decor for a child’s room with its distinctive aesthetic appeal.