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Urban Quarter Bali

Our first house on the island sits within the vibrant heart of Seminyak, housing a showroom that beautifully showcases our unique blend of local craftsmanship and international design aesthetics. Just steps away from the bustling streets lined with boutique shops and eateries, our space offers an oasis of style and tranquility where visitors can explore an array of meticulously curated furniture pieces and home decor. The showroom not only displays our innovative products but also serves as a hub for design enthusiasts to gather and share ideas, embodying our commitment to creating spaces that inspire and connect.

New Arrivals

Asat Pottery Sculptural Tower Vase


Elevate your home’s aesthetics with our Sculptural Tower Vase by Asat Pottery. Standing tall, this piece combines art and function, featuring a series of abstract forms stacked in harmony. Its neutral palette and textural contrasts make it a sophisticated addition to any entryway table or living room display.

Asat Pottery Volcanic Stone Table Lamp


Infuse your space with the dramatic presence of our Volcanic Stone Table Lamp by Asat Pottery. The deep, matte black hues and rugged contours of the base evoke the raw beauty of volcanic rock. Ideal for adding a bold statement to your living room or office, this lamp combines its naturalistic, sculptural form with an elegant tapered shade, providing a striking contrast that complements any modern home decor.

Asat Pottery Verdant Touch Table Lamp


Bring the colors of a lush garden into your home with the Verdant Touch Table Lamp by Asat Pottery. This lamp features a base with a rich, green glaze that adds a vibrant touch to its rustic texture. It’s an excellent choice for adding a burst of color to a neutral-toned living room or for complementing the greenery in your sunroom. The classic shade diffuses light beautifully, making it perfect for reading or relaxing evenings.

Asat Pottery Sculptural Seabird Table Lamp


Add a nautical twist to your decor with our Sculptural Seabird Table Lamp by Asat Pottery. This unique lamp features a base shaped like a stylized seabird, making it an ideal choice for a coastal-themed living room or a sea-lover’s bedroom. The warm, sandy tones of the base, combined with a timeless fabric shade, cast a welcoming glow over any space.

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