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New Arrivals

Hasna Ceramics Carved Bud Vase Available in 2 sizes

IDR 275.000IDR 285.000

Textured details with a rustic look, the Carved Bud Vase by Hasna Ceramics is perfect for layering for the bookshelf or coffee table and will look good as it is! Great for displaying with your faux plants or botanicals. They are available in 2 sizes.

Hasna Ceramics Straight Vase

IDR 275.000

Distinctive and minimalistic, the Straight Vase by Hasna Ceramics artfully mimics a reversed splash of milk! Perfect for your dried or faux plants, this vase is perfect as well to be displayed as it is in a bookshelf or on a coffee table to console table.

Hasna Ceramics Round Vase Available in 2 Sizes

IDR 235.000IDR 275.000

Exuding rustic yet textured and organic finish, the Round Vases by Hasna Ceramics give your coffee table to even your bathroom counters a chic finishing touch. Perfect for your dried or faux plants, these vases are available in two sizes!

Hasna Ceramics White Speckled Mug

IDR 250.000

A one-of-a-kind addition to a mug collection! Colorfully hand painted with a white speckled finish, the Hasna Ceramics mugs are exceptional pieces to use for your daily coffee and tea or for gifting.