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New Arrivals


Dr. Soap Multi Purpose Spray in Mauve

IDR 99.750

100% biodegradabale concentrated, the Dr Soap Multi Purpose Spray instantly eliminates dirt, grimes and spills, while being free from parabens. This spray is safe for use near children, elders to pets! Perfect for all surfaces whether from your flooring, wooden to stone tables, or pretty much any surfaces you have.


Dr. Soap Gadget Sterilizer Cannary Row in 60 ml

IDR 47.250

According to research, gadgets have a tendency to contain 18 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Dr Soap’s Gadget Sterilizer is travel-sized and is great for spraying your gadgets to even any surfaces as you travel. This spray will protect your mobile phones, tabs, to laptops, for up to 8 hours and can remove bacteria, dirt to fingerprints!


Dr. Soap Toilet Seat Sanitizer Cannary Row in 60 ml

IDR 39.900

Travel-sized and perfect for spraying the toilet seats, taps, faucets, door handles to door knobs. The Dr Soap Toilet Seat Sanitizer is so much more than its name, it’s the most functional spray to protect you from all the bacteria and dirts!


Dr. Soap Hand Antiseptic Spray Urban Shee in 60 ml

IDR 42.000

Chlorine-free and alcohol-free, the Dr Soap Hand Antiseptic Spray instantly kills germs while leaving the hands feeling smooth, clean and refreshed. Safe for babies and especially for those who have sensitive skin. This spray is instantly a best seller at Urban Quarter!