• Lloyd Loom

    Made from paper and steel as the core, Lloyd loom furniture has become very popular since the 1920s, and the material is admired for its strength, comfort, and beauty.

    When crafting with Lloyd Loom, we first tightly twist a paper and produce in continuous strips using a woven machine. To make the weaving stronger, the loom is then soaked in glue to strengthen the weave and cut into desired sizes. After this is done, we carefully install and staple the Lloyd Loom weaving into our furniture frame, where they can be made from sturdy wood or metal.


    • Clean Lloyd Loom furniture with moist soft cloth or sponge using mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals as this will destroy Lloyd Loom.
    • For stubborn stain, use a mixture of mild soap and warm water and brush carefully with a soft toothbrush. Dab dry using soft cloth after. Let dry.