• Marble

    Marble has become a common design element in the homes, whether in the kitchen, living room to bedroom. And it is now often used in furniture pieces as top tables or often as accessories. Due to the variety of colors and its beautiful crystal structures, marble is very popular in interior design. Each piece of marble slab is different from the others in its pattern and textures, making marble a unique and stunning material. Marble is versatile and long lasting and can be a good choice of material when choosing something long lasting.


    • Acid is very abrasive and can leave dull spots on marble, so avoid using acid cleaners and serving acidic foods directly on marble top. Use placemats to put hot pot or pans on your marble. Do not spill any food coloring as it will leave stains on the marble.
    • Make sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible. Don’t scrub too hard or using a harsh detergent since marble can stain and scratches.