• Veneer

    Wood veneers thin slices of wood or bark, usually thinner than 3 mm, and are obtained through the process of stripping certain types of wood such as Teak, Sungkai wood, Mindi wood, and Oak wood. Wood veneers are often the choice of finishing materials for furniture or raw materials such as plywood boards or wooden boards for blackboards due to its lower range in prices for budget purposes and for simplicity. Wood veneers are also can be used as a parquet floor coating, or directly applied as HPL or other finishing materials. They are stable, not easily cracked and resembles real wood.

    • Avoid direct sunlight, prevent placing your wooden furniture in front of windows or in direct sunlight.
    • Use placemat under hot pan or plates to avoid heat damage .
    • Wipe spill or stain as soon as possible.
    • Aim to dust your wood veneer regularly with dry, soft cloth to help keep it looking great.