• The Rise of Coworking Space in 2019

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    It’s only the second month of 2019 but we already see the significant rising of Coworking Space Industry in 2019. Coworking Space is the game changer when it comes to the style of work in the present-day business. It gradually gains its popularity among entrepreneurs, work-at-home professionals, travelers, and even big, established corporates, which are the new addition to the gang.

    Its popularity mainly comes from professional environments, better networking opportunities, and the sense of community that it offers to us. Long story short, coworking spaces give us a new way to work, a refreshing alternative from the traditional office spaces. These are the reasons why it becomes more and more popular among professionals!

    Professional Environment & Habitat
    Coworking spaces are equipped with all the professional equipment that is also available in the conventional office. This facility could be hugely beneficial, especially for work-at-home professionals and freelancers who are getting tired and bored of working from home or being coffeeshop hoppers. This professional environment is resulting in more productive working sessions for them.

    There are a lot of choices when it comes to coworking space. Each space has a different concept to another. However, in general, they usually offer you good air quality, good drinking water, and abundant natural light which helps you to concentrate better on your work.

    Better Networking Availability
    The rise of coworking spaces is the result of its excellence as a place where professionals from different areas spend most their time on working. It gives you a better chance to interact or even better, to get the opportunity to get new partnerships and clients for your business.

    Coworking spaces usually have both individual working area and a bigger desk to work with your team. Some spaces provide a shared desk which gives you opportunities to sit with a new networking everyday.

    Beneficial Communities
    One of the special advantages which are offered by coworking space is that you become part of a community with the co-working. Coworking Space somehow brings the feeling of being connected to one another but it still provides you with a sense of privacy. This marks another difference from the conventional offices with cubicle, that often brings the feeling of isolation. This sense of community helps you to put new ideas in place. You even have the chance to develop your ideas with other professionals who happen to share the same vision with you!

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