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  • Kaminari : The Art of Leisure days with Vina Kosasih

    living    |    2018-07-28 07:32:59

    1.Tell us a bit of yourself + Kaminari.

    My name is Vina, I am the founder and owner of Kaminari Leisure Days. I started this brand almost four years ago. Kaminari is inspired by the lifestyle of leisure days. The inspiration to create Kaminari was founded from my father’s birth island, Belitung, I was inspired by the lifestyle there, it was very free and the people there are very much integrated with nature. The meaning of Kaminari in Japanese is lightning or thunder, but in Indonesian it is “kami menari” which means “we dance”, and with this dual-language meaning, it really resonated with me. Hence, while I was trying to find a name for my brand, I was trying to look for a word that can represent both nature and the feeling of freedom, so this dual-meaning in both Japanese and Indonesian language reflects the lifestyle that I found when I went to Belitung.

    2. What were your main sources of inspirations to create Kaminari?

    When I think back of the inspirations to create my brand, I remembered the children of Belitung and during then, they were freely running and dancing in the rain. Having that kind of image was a good representation of the kind of freedom to live in nature.

    Thus, having been born in Jakarta and living here my whole life, I find it very difficult to have that sort of experience, the feeling of freedom and living in nature. Consequently, my visit to Belitung has inspired me to bring that kind of atmosphere back to Jakarta. Following with my inspiration and the process of creating this brand, I decided to adopt the slogan of Leisure Days as it reflects what I really wanted to bring to this city: a relaxing atmosphere and the feeling of freedom, as things can be pretty hectic in Jakarta.

    3. What is the typical work day life at your studio?

    As I go through my day-to-day life of running this company, I would try to think of ways in which I can incorporate the leisure lifestyle into my personal life and I think it is definitely very difficult in Jakarta due to the traffic. Jakarta can be very congested and most of the time hectic, but I would try to think of different ways in order for the brand to sort of “inject” and exudes the kind of slow living into my everyday life. Aside from that, I would also run the “Leisure Days” blog that is related to Kaminari and share tips on how to live more leisurely.

    4. Talk about growing and sustaining your business, what was the most astonishing factor you’ve found while working?

    When I first started Kaminari I didn’t have high expectations, I merely started this brand because it was something that I wanted to create and do. I created many different products that spoke to myself and I think, as one of the first botanical wax sachets and candles producers, Kaminari is indeed the pioneer where later on, we managed to inspire a lot of new brands in the market to create products.

    I became astonished in the beginning by how quick other brands popped up into the market as they were making the same products as I was. When I first started, I had a hard time to actually source every single material for Kaminari, from the dried flowers to the waxes. Upon seeing these newcomers, I was fascinated by how fast they were able to attain them and later realized how much the market became more saturated and making things easier for us to source materials. To me, by having all these newcomers, the challenging part now is for me to keep being on top of the game and how to always be innovative with my crafts.

    5.What is the must-have item for Kaminari’s new customers?

    Botanical Candle in Pine & Eucalyptus. This is definitely a must have item from Kaminari’s collection. This is our signature product mainly due to the concepts behind creating the product and it was what started Kaminari.

    My inspiration comes from the moment I got to see the outcome or the look of the dried flowers the moment they were embedded inside the wax. As you can see through the wall or the lining of the candle, I have embedded the dried flowers, this is so when you light the candle, a silhouette of the flowers and leaves will appear. The silhouette of the candle is like “wayang”, a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancers from a shadow in Indonesia. The similarities of the “wayang” to my candles come from the shadow play along with the illumination of the dried flowers and the candle wax.

    6.How do you see the prospects of building up your business in Indonesia?

    One of the biggest challenges and problems that I came across while starting my business in Indonesia is probably the lack of originality from other brands. There were many cases where I spotted my products being duplicated and even so, the products names, designs, graphics, packaging were also being duplicated and to the extent to where my Instagram captions were also copied straight from my Instagram posts.

    From this issue itself, I do believe that the people of Indonesia really needs to step up on becoming more original. If there are only a few people in this country who can be original while the rest are merely copying, I sincerely believe that it would be hard for the industry to actually evolve and move forward since only a few are doing the innovations. I believe that this is very crucial especially for the local brands.

    7.What collaboration or projects have you been most excited about lately?

    We first started as a candle brand but as we strive to work on our concept of “leisure days”, we developed many new products that conjunct to the idea of the concept. These collections of products may tend to also be more expensive, however, they tend to provide you an increase in your quality of life. You may or may not need these products, but we do believe that having these products in your home will allow you to not just have an increase in your quality of life, it would also create you a home that really speaks to you and exude a comfortable environment to you. For that reason, the approach goes along with our customers who are living in Jakarta, the products would help them to create some peace and relaxation in their own home omitting the stress and hecticness of the city.

    8. How do you think we can encourage more local makers to pursue a career path in their passion like what you do?

    I believe that the most intriguing part about the younger people in Indonesia is how flexible we can be and how brave we are when starting a new business. Compared to other countries, most of the people would normally have a stable corporate job, while our government urges the younger generations to now create and develop products or to start a new business, or start-ups. Therefore, I see a very interesting trend of many new local start-ups.

    My idea to this is that we can encourage the younger generations to pursue a career path in their passion and make them believe that they can and it is definitely something very possible for you to do here. We are living in a city that is truly vibrant and have now more cultures and local events that they can partake to showcase their brands and display their passions.

    9. Any tips for our current or future local makers?

    My advice for the local makers is probably for you to not to think too much about what could have happened and actually being worried about failing. You should never overthink and try so hard in order for you to find your passion, as overthinking this would later put you on a lot of pressure. Not everyone can instantly find their passion that includes me back then before I started Kaminari. I do believe that if you find a hobby or one thing that you actually enjoy doing, to the extent that you can actually do this one thing for hours without feeling tired or bored, you should pursue it and challenge yourself to be better and you can think of creating a potential business from the hobby. This concludes my advice that you should look at what you have, to keep looking at what's inside of you and know what talent you have and use that talent for a possible outcome.

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