Bringing Natural Elements in Your Home

One design trend that has been around and still remains a top style choice today is incorporating nature and subtle color into the home. Nature brings a sense of calmness and relaxation that every home can benefit from. 


Elegant, pure linen is as timeless as it is chic. Handwoven by local artisans using natural linen fibres. Linens add rich texture and character, linens are made from hangking, dying, drying naturally in the sun, and later hand loomed.

Natural Weavings

With its vintage roots and natural feel of rattan, cane and bamboo. Add a touch of structured yet comfortable look with our rattan furniture or houseware pieces. 

Textured Wood

Texture does not always mean complex patterns and surfaces. For a soft, rustic and refined look, a solid wood furniture can provide a statement look based on its natural textures. Whether it’s on your furniture to your wooden utensils in the kitchen, adding wood is always our favorite choice to a home!

Earthy Hued Upholstery

If you’re going for a more relaxed and subtle look in your space, opt for upholsteries for the sofa, armchair/lounge chair or dining chair in natural colors. Colors include grey hues to soft beige to brown tones. 

Natural Stones

A clean, neutral space can be designed more interestingly by adding a natural stone element. Whether it’s marble or stones, rough cut bricks, stones add a great touch if you’re looking to finish your home in a more refined style. 

A touch of Green

A customer of ours had visited our store and told us that “you can never go wrong with too many planters”. Since then, it never stops to amaze us that the more we add plants to an empty space that we have in our store, the space simply looks better and better.

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