Lunar New Year Traditions: What to Know

The Lunar New Year may consist of several traditions in the household! From spring cleaning, meals preparation and family gatherings, during the Lunar New Year people adorn themselves and their homes as well in red and gold, in an approach to boost luck and ward off evil spirits.

Spring Cleaning

This tradition symbolizes the removal of negative energy from the past year and the welcoming of good fortune in the upcoming year. 

Spring cleaning may consist of: sweeping and mopping the floors, changing to fresh bed sheets, organizing your items in the shelves, and throwing away unnecessary things at home! Additionally, you can also decorate your home with bright colors to create a festive mood.

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Spring Cleaning

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Meals Preparations
There are certain food that symbolize good luck, and are a must to have during Lunar New Year! These food include:

  • Fish — an Increase in Prosperity
  • Chinese Dumplings — Wealth
  • Spring Rolls — Wealth
  • Glutinous Rice Cake — a Higher Income or Position
  • Sweet Rice Balls — Family Togetherness
  • Longevity Noodles — Happiness and Longevity
  • Good Fortune Fruit — Fullness and Wealth

Have you prepared the serving plates, bowls or trays for your Lunar New Year meals? After preparing these cultural dishes, such as fish and a sweet nian gao cake, be sure to serve them on serving plates. The circular shape symbolizes unity and oneness, fostering conversations and lifelong memories around the table.

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Family Gatherings
Family members often travel great distances to reunited with close relatives for Lunar New Year meals. Besides having meals, family members use this time for fostering more conversations, games, and the best part, receiving red envelopes!

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From food to color, the New Year’s table is full of symbolism. You can dress the table with a red tablecloth or add a red throw on the sofa to add a pop of color. Another thing we like to do is to layer our dinnerware with gold or natural placemats and add a red napkin to bring the auspicious aesthetics. 

Additionally, you can adorn your home with gold decors to as gold signifies good fortune and prosperity! During family gatherings, it’s a traditional for adults to gift children or parents red envelopes containing money as it represents good fortune. Looking for last minute shopping for your gathering needs, be sure to shop now at or visit our stores!


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