Meet Kindercore! Find out if this design is right for you?

What makes Kindercore style popular?

In the past few years, interior designs of homes have always leaned more towards the minimalist and the clean-lined Scandinavian aesthetics. Top interior designers embraced the “less is more” look, using clean color palettes and adopting a crisper look. But as times have changed, many designers are looking towards bolder, brighter spaces, mixing clean-lined look with a hint of maximalism through furniture and objects. Then, enter: Kindercore, a simple, unabashed, fun design for the home, centerin around primary colors. Kinder simply means “children” in German and this design aesthetic caters as a happy-go-lucky-movement. This design is not quirky but can be elevated when objects are chosen properly.

Where did Kindercore emerge from?

Rietveld Schroder House/Gerry Rietfeld

Piet Mondriaan, 1930

Despite Kindercore being a generally new interior design, most have said that the Kindercore elements came from famous architects: Gerrit Rietveld and Piet Mondrian. While the key elements of Kindercore may not be entirely new, the reemergence of primary colors with childline design is a contrast to the monochromatic, simple approaches dominated in interior designs in the past decade.’

How to incorporate Kindecore into your home?

1.Start small – start with a few accent pieces such swapping your floor mirror or adding a few primary-colored pillows on the sofa. 

2.Look for colors inspiration, the Pantone Spring/Summer 2020 has a good collection of colors!

3.Find items with color blocking and round edges. From half-moons to cylinders, these shapes are becoming more popular that go against the more symmetrical designs that we are often used to. 

4. Look for chubby furniture to home decors! If you find the primary colors of Kindercore overwhelming, chubby pieces can help to ease the look of your home. Chubby furniture may not always be comfortable, but it gives your space a welcoming feel -while still being assertive.

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