Meet the Ulap Doyo table linen collection: a collaboration with Lana Daya

For the soul.

Looking back upon the warm childhood memories of eating dinner on the table, we are moved by how much sharing a meal is essential to many cultures. We take as much inspiration from both the routine and festive qualities of breaking bread to uplift the soul of the dining room as the heart of the house.

The Ulap Doyo is a type of traditional handwoven textile originating from East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Ulap Doyo is considered a significant cultural heritage belonging to the Dayak Benuaq tribe that still exists until today. The word Doyo derives from the fiber used in weaving, the Doyo leaf that grows wild in the deep Borneo forests.

Traditionally used for clothing, the Ulap Doyo’s sturdy fiber creates stiffness that is not as comfortable to wear. Listening to its character, Lana Daya reimagines the use of the Ulap Doyo for this collection and creates a line of table linen instead. Its stern character strikes out as a functional and steady table runner, creating a more functional purpose that is true to the fiber’s unique quality.

Ulap Doyo weaving is flat, similar to that of Bamboo weaving. To add dimension to this flatness, a work of washi thread is incorporated in the weaving. In contrast with the Ulap Doyo, the washi thread is amassed with crisp textures. The result is a melodious visual composition that both preserves the heritage it carries and elevates its complexion.

Available in table runner, placemat, coaster, napkin to napkin rings. Resonating with how Urban Quarter presents a triumphant pairing of functionality and aesthetics, this line of Ulap Doyo Table Linen is a fruitful collaboration with Lana Daya that also highlights Indonesia’s most treasured heritage through the use of mixed materials.

Explore the collection in-stores and at

Lana Daya Ulap Doyo Coasters (Set of 4) 
Rp. 349.000 

Lana Daya Ulap Doyo Ondel-ondel Placemat (Set of 2) 
Rp. 869.000 

Lana Daya Ulap Doyo Ondel-ondel Runner 
Rp. 2.499.000 

Lana Daya Garis Hitam Handwoven Napkin (Set of 2) 
Rp. 249.000 

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