Myth or Fact: Can you use a metal spoon to scoop raw honey?

You may have heard that it is highly NOT recommended  for you to scoop your honey with a metal spoon. But is this theory a myth or a fact? Let’s find out!

Honey has been used as a folk remedy in history and contains a variety of health benefits and medical uses. For instance, it is used to treat wounds and for many other sicknesses such as sore throat or fever. 

Honey is acidic due to its organic acid content. The pH scale of honey is normally between 3.4 to 6.1 and acidic substances can corrode metals and it is often feared that metal components can be mixed in honey, such as metal spoons or other metal utensils. 

So is it bad to use metal spoon with honey?

In respect to this, not all honey has the same level of acidity. This is an old wives’ tale that won’t go away. While honey is acidic, it is unlike that the corrosion of metal can happen if you scoop your honey with a metal spoon in such a quick  movement. However, it is not recommended to store your metal spoon within your honey for long periods of time as this will then cause the metal corrosion. 

What is the proper way to consuming honey?

✓ Scoop using wooden, plastic, or ceramic spoon
✓ If not available, POUR OUT the honey onto the metal spoon and consume immediately
✓ Wash the metal spoon immediately after use

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