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  • How to Style Your Dining Table with Tyaga Goods Marble + Brass Housewares?

    diy    |    2017-09-06 02:56:01

    Over in August, we were fortunate to be able to visit the office of Tyaga Goods, to meet the team, and gain some insights on how to style with marble and brass housewares. When we first saw the beautiful natural light, the white walls, and the wooden flooring, we immediately got the feel of the minimalistic design that is rooted to the brand of Tyaga. The fit of their items are natural – that they suit to any home designs and are functional at the same time. Combining a neutral color palette and textures from marble and brass, the space is one that feels both timeless and timely.

    There’s no doubt that marble and brass are having a moment right now. Making appearances everywhere from subtle, minimalistic home designs to contemporary, classic home designs, and even on mobile and laptop cases, this trend is certainly taking over. Their materials may be so simple, yet still elegant. And it goes to the result of Tyaga, being one of our best-sellers at our stores and online. Take a peek of Tyaga’s work below on how to style your dining table with Tyaga’s marble and brass housewares and discover Tyaga from our small Q+A session with them!

    Tell us a bit about Tyaga Goods?
    The word “Tyaga” itself is taken from Bahasa Sansekerta and it means a form of giving. A form of giving represents a very basic act in the human nature, a natural gift that embraces amazing talent of the craftsmanship and the generosity in our quality. A gift is always special, we want everyone who received Tyaga have that extraordinary feel. It is also in line that Tyaga would reflect a generous gifts and perfect for everyone with an eye for good design. 

    How did you come up with the idea? What/who inspires?
    We love beautiful things and always been interested in living products. We both lived in Australia for quiet some time and exposed to the beautiful local & international products and craftsmanship there. On the other hand, our design background has played a really big part to inspire us in creating TYAGA.

    What is it like being a local maker in Indonesia?
    We’re still really young in our experience as Indonesian maker; so far it’s been good and we fell flattered with how people appreciate our products.

    What’s next for Tyaga Goods?
    We’re still going to focus on creating daily objects with our basic material of metal & marble, on the other hand we also want to leave an open door for other designers that expertise on other materials to collaborate with us.

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