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    diy    |    2017-12-07 09:32:43

    Planning for a mother’s day gift can be so tedious, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a person who has practically planned most of our birthdays and events (from gifts to parties) through out our lives. Instead of spending lots of hours to find the perfect gift, why not create a handmade flowers arrangement. Sherly Ho and Laurentia Thesa of SunnyBright Flowers are sharing a tutorial for creating rustic flowers arrangement that moms will definitely love! Read the tutorial below!

    Flowers (from left to right)

       Scabiosa Stellata Pod
       White Rose
       Eucalyptus Populus Graan
       Gomphrena Orange
       Rose Café Latte


    Mix both fresh flowers and long lasting foliage in a simple arrangement. Cut the stems diagonally in order to allow the water to be absorbed to keep the flowers alive for few days. Then, place the leaves and f oliage first, and the flowers after them.

    Lunaria is a perfect ornament to add in a Fall arrangement, it is very long lasting and colored in shell white with a little shine when you look at them.

    There is simply no rule when arranging the flowers, all you need to put in each flowers are an eye and feeling for the visual beauty, and of course, a grateful heart! The shades of Fall can be seen from our favorite Fall colors from the unique layers of petals of the Café Latte Rose.

    The idea of this arrangement is inspired by our trip to Japan, where we travelled learnt the ‘Ikebana’, the art of flower arrangements in Japan. The technique teaches on how the flowers arrangement are created to be simple in order to incorporate the spaces or interior surrounding.

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