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    - Monitor operations to ensure that they meet production standards.
    - Provide recommendations for any adjustments needed to the assembly or production process of the furniture.
    - Inspect, test, or measure materials or products being produced.
    - Accept or reject finished items and remove all products and materials that fail to meet specifications.
    - Inform inspection results with others responsible for the products and report inspections and test data.
    - Ensure all products do not have any malfunctions before being shipped and after assembled to location.

    - Have attentions to detail and observant in product specifications.
    - Obtain a knowledge or understanding of product technicalities.
    - Holds professional attitude and most importantly, a team player.

    Tangerang, Banten

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    - Provide well designed, testable, efficient coding by using the best software development practices.
    - Create web layout/user interface through using standard HTML/CSS practices.
    - Integrate data from various back-end services and databases.
    - Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs.
    - Create and maintain software documentation and create reports on website performance.
    - Responsible for website maintenance, expanding and scaling of website.
    - Cooperate with UI/UX designer to match visual design intent of website.

    - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (I.T) from a reputable university.
    - 3+ years of experience in system/software development.
    - Knowledgeable in software engineering concepts, patterns and algorithms.
    - Top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS and web applications work such as security, session management, and web development practices.
    - Knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.
    - Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities.

    Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


    - Develop and create creative design for marketing purposes/promotional needs, events, and contents for social media to website.
    - Ensure all work meets brand guidelines and identity. Your task will also include creating a brand guideline for projects (e.g. catalogue, marketing campaign and visual merchandise).
    - Ensure to work with time constraints and understand the need to meet a tight deadline in some occasions.
    - Facilitate all design-related work with the other departments of the company.
    - Propose and create visual concepts or designs for projects.

    - 1+ year of work experience.
    - Proficient and literate in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
    - Minimum of Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design.
    - Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)
    - Have attentions to detail and a sense of creative flair for graphic design.
    - Obtain a knowledge about the latest design trends and have a strong typography skills.
    - Holds professional attitude and most importantly, a team player.

    Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


    - Design and engineering of products from materials, manufacturing, tooling process selections, translation of market requirement to product specifications, Autocad documentation, structuring, technical reviews, product testing, delivering viable sample and implementation.
    - Define product concept mood and design and identify manufacturing process.
    - Optimize manufacturability after creating the product designs.
    - Understand the nature of technical problems and identify solutions, e.g. product redesign, substitution of material or parts, and rearrangement of parts of subassemblies.

    - Autocad and 3D drawing experience.
    - Furniture and/or product design experience.
    - Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
    - Team player with excellent collaboration skills and experienced with project management.

    Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


    - 1+ year of work experience.
    - High moral standards, responsibility and personal qualities of integrity, credibility and commitment to business.
    - Strong execution skills - “getting-things-done” over a process driven mentality.
    - Able to work within an ambiguous and fast-paced environment.
    - Proficient and literate in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
    - Customer service-oriented attitude and great communication skills.

    Thamrin, Jakarta