How often should you vacuum your flooring?

While all floors can be cleaned by sweeping with a broom or a dust mop, a good vacuum can be an efficient tool to give your floor a spotless look. Additionally, a good vacuum can be adjusted to properly clean carpet, rugs, and not just hard surface floors

Why should you vacuum your floors? 

Despite having a hard surface floor rather to carpets, vacuuming is equally important for your home! Your floors may collect dirt from outside such as debris from pets, dust mites, and even shedding of human skin cells. 

Vacuuming your floors regularly will protect your floor from scratches or permanent damage, e.g. the finish of the flooring or wearing out of rugs and carpets. Excessive dust from the flooring can be bad for the respiratory system to you and your family!

Carpets and Rug

How often should you vacuum? 

At least 2x a week [yg gede]

Carpets and rugs tend to collect much more soil and dust compared to hard surfaces. The accumulation of soil and dust, if too much, will damage the fibers and backing of the carpets and rugs. 

Hard Surface Floors:

Wooden vinyl, ceramic tile, stone and laminate flooring

How often should you vacuum? 

At least 1x a week 

Even if you regularly broom and mop your hard surface flooring daily, this does not completely capture all the dusts and dirt of the floor. Dirt may accumulate especially in corners and must be removed weekly. Loose soil can also scratch the hard surface flooring and leave permanent damage.

Things to never forget while you vacuum

  1. While vacuuming the carpets and rugs, don’t forget to remove them and vacuum the back of the rugs and the flooring under weekly.
  2. Choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap as much dusts, bacteria, and dirt. A HEPA filter will allow you to collect as much particles than a regular vacuum and is great even for upholsteries.
  3. Take advantage of all the features of your vacuum. Understand the different features as features may differ depending on the flooring – hard surface or rugs.
  4. Never forget to remove the dirt collected from your vacuum immediately!

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