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Meet The Makers: Sulla Home

living    |    2017-06-14 07:42:42

We recently had a chance to visit the home and studio of our makers, Sulla Home, a business that is true to its familial roots. We got to meet the ladies behind Sulla, Talenna, Talula and their lovely mother, Tina. Lovely is an understatement of how we would describe their place upon entering the house. Somehow, the ambiance of the house is rooted close to their vision of selling “home and living [products] in ethereal comfort”. And that warm and cozy feeling simply added up as we explored more of the house. We were shown their ever-soft fabrics and a demonstration of how they would create their best selling throws.

Tell us a bit of yourselves. What inspires you guys to create Sulla Home? Who first had the idea?

Our mom has always been passionate in making things. One of her hobbies (and profession) is interior design. So one day she made this extra fluffy, super comfy and ultra soft blanket for us. The blanket literally made us so hard to get out of bed and just wanted to stay in bed forever. When our friends came over, they would invade our beds just to sleep with the blankets and wanted to get one too. That's when the whole idea started.

What is it like being a local maker in Indonesia?

We are extremely blessed to be a local maker in Indonesia. Materials are easily accessible and so is labor. As part of the local brand in Indonesia, we want keep on producing high quality products that are locally made

Any new products upcoming this year and why do you plan to create them?

We are thinking of creating loungewear out of the same materials of our blankets - so that it feels like you're not leaving your bed at all.

Cheers to the lovely family of Sulla Home!

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