Meet our female founders of our local makers + find more about their stories and inspirations

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise – W.E.B Dubois”

We’re all about empowering female entrepreneurs and women-owned brands to take up space and make their voices hears. International Women’s Day helps bring visibility to the issues affecting women, and to support each of them through promoting their local businesses.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and we are sharing with you our women-owned local businesses that have joined our mission at Urban Quarter. These businesses have been a pillar at our platform with a focus on having similar goals to us that is in growing local and supporting local!

Meet Angela Ferany Wijaya of Pintal Home 

Pintal Home designs and produces home living pieces, mainly modern patterned cushions and gifts. Established in 2014, Angela aimed to take a little part of her creations through her beautiful and comforting design to turn a house into a home. Pintal Home cushions have been our best sellers both in-stores and online!

Meet Ranissa Soraya of Rag Home

New at Urban Quarter! Rag Home creates hand tufted modern rugs with original design focusing in their eclectic pops of colors and patterns. Founder, Ranissa, started the company in September 2020 while she was renovating her workspace and discovered her original rugs that she first made as a hobby. Along with her enthusiasm in interior design, she created Rag as a way to channel her creative outlet of creating distinctive rugs for clients designed based on her visualization of the characteristic and mood of both the clients’ liking and design of the space.

Meet Ayu Larasati of AL Ceramics

Turning her passion for pottery into a living. Founder, Ayu Larasati, designs and creates modern ceramic tableware and functional objects. Ayu finds her inspiration based on the process of crafting the ceramics and she is most proud of the consistency and developing the different shapes and glazes she can create over time. Ayu is a prominent figure in the local ceramic industry!

Meet Michelle Tanady of Mitan Designs

Established in 2016, Mitan Designs was first created by Michelle based on her love of homewares and lifestyle goods. She believes in the fundamentals of producing products that are designed with a unity of practicality and aesthetics. Her best sellers include the marble trays and trivets that were designed to provide customers daily lifestyle products while bringing a luxurious touch into their homes.

Meet Talenna, Tallula and Mama Tina of Sulla Home

Family comes first! Sulla Home was created by mother-daughters trio, Tina, Talenna and Tallula. The idea first came from Tina when she first created the extra soft and fluffy blankets and later on, they started the brand with a mission of delivering the same warmth and ethereal comfort first with the blankets, throws and cushions. Later on, they expanded the collection with lounge furniture, each designed to extensively provide comfort while acting as functional pieces and aesthetically pleasing items for the homes.

Meet Melia Winata, Azalea Ayuningtyas, and Hanna Keraf of Du’anyam

Working closely with talented women of Flores, East NTT, Du’anyam is a social enterprise founded by Melia, Azalea and Hanna, that produces and distributes crafts to empower women, promote culture, and improve health and livelihood in rural Indonesia. Well-known for their artistic wicker crafting, Du’anyam’s best sellers include their woven baskets, trays to fashion accessories using Palmyra leaves and Purun plants and Waru tree bark.

Meet Wilda Kuo of Prive Living

Started from her hobby of home styling, Wilda founded Prive Living in 2017 with the desire to create a home décor line with unique concepts. Understanding the richness of local culture, Prive Living infuses the inspirations through crafting home décor products that promote simple, modern and timeless concepts. Wilda’s hopes for her consumers were to instil awareness of our cultural wealth while creating an aesthetic space with a comfortable atmosphere through her products.

Meet Cassandra Louise and Zahra Athaya of Ashworks

Pursuing their passion in craftsmanship through establishing Ashworks, Cassandra and Zahra utilized the brand as both their medium and personal journey in expressing authenticity, in celebrating imperfections and in building a home. Ashworks produces handmade home decors through using concrete and eclectic play of colors in a form of modern planters and trays.

Meet Felicia Rousia and Jennifer Angela of Sciesa

Established in August 2016, Sciesa formulates and produces home fragrances with scented candles and diffusers using high quality ingredients and minimal aesthetics. Sciesa originated from a street in Milan called Via Amatore Sciesa, where Felicia, Jennifer and Dipa began their friendship and their discover of love of fragrances. Each products instil meaningful stories through each fragrance, delivering balance between class and comfort.

Meet Maira of Humbly

Founded by Maira, Humbly was established in early 2020 with the goal of making home hygiene fun and worry-free! Humbly’s products include multi-purpose cleaner spray and yoga mat cleaner that were created with plant-derived ingredients, such as corn and coconuts. Formulated with the consumers’ well-beings in mind, Humbly provides simple solutions that effectively get your chores done. Find Humbly soon at Urban Quarter!

Happy International Women’s Day! Urban Quarter is committed to support local businesses and especially to help women entrepreneurs and businesses. We hope that women will find their places where they belong in all place where decisions are being made and to challenge stereotypes, fight biases, broaden perception and improve situations of gender inequality through our brand and platform.

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