New at Urban Quarter: Bedding Sets and Duvet Covers

From percale cotton and sateen to the softest organic linens, sleep better now with our latest bedding sets from Sleeping Culture and Home Matters. Expertly crafted and locally made by the finest artisans, these bedding pieces are modern, lightweight and make the comfortable essentials for your home. 

Sold in different sets or separates. From pillow and bolster covers, fitted to flat sheet, and duvet covers, these pieces are available in various shades and patterns. Available as well in different bed sizes: queen, king and super king. 

What is sateen cotton?

Giving your bed an appearance that has a crispy, subtle shine white, sateen sheets are naturally wrinkle-resistance, giving you a smooth look without the need of ironing. The cotton sateen tend to be a bit heavier than percale, which makes the bed sheet to be cozy and luxurious. Sleepers who appreciate the extra warmth will certainly prefer the cotton sateen beddings compared to the hot sleepers. 

What is percale cotton?

Starting out soft and get even softer with repeated washings, percale sheets has a smooth matte finish that some likes to compare to an ironed button-down shirt. Nevertheless, the percale cotton sheets will need to be ironed to enhance its crispness as they’re prone to wrinkling during wash. Highly durable and easy to care, most percale sheets have a thread count of at least 200, giving the weave a fairly tight one and highly breathable. Sleepers who appreciate the extra coolness while sleeping. 

What about flax linens? 

Flax linen comes from a plant-derived material thar originates from flax. The cellulose fibre in the stem of the flax plant can be harvested and spun to produce the flax linen and this fibre is normally recovered from the inner bark of a plant, similar to how we extract rattan. The flax linen sheets insulate tends to cool in the summer and insulates in the winter. With special care taken in preparing the fibres, this allows the linen to be easy to be washed and allows to endure for years. When it ages, it creates a buttery softness and allows you to fall asleep fast upon hitting the pillow!

Shop our beddings varying in flax linens, percale cotton and cotton sateen. We provide our new harmonious hues of beddings inspired by nature made by our local artisans. Click here to browse our latest collection of beddings. 

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