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Kelton Bar Stool in Black

IDR 800.000 IDR 560.000

Ready stock 1 units. Inquire for quick ship.

Our Kelton Bar Stool possesses all the charm and character of a minimalistic find, from its decorative seat to its distinctive trumpet back. Eclectic and expressive, this metal plated chair shows off its artful details indoor or outdoor.


Fern Rattan Bar Stool

IDR 900.000 IDR 765.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Simple, yet a standout to your home bar or kitchen counter or island, our Fern bar stool is guaranteed to welcome guests in the chic-est way!


Larch Stacking Stool

IDR 980.000 IDR 882.000

Ready stock 7 units. Inquire for quick ship!

Extra functional. Works as a low stool or even as a side table, and it’s stackable too (very neatly)! Our Larch Stacking Stool is made for extra seating when needed or a small space hero when you need to fit more people. It’s made from kiln-dried solid teak wood which makes the stool extra, extra, sturdy!


Surrey Rattan Stool

IDR 1.230.000 IDR 1.045.500

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Beautifully handwoven with rattan, our Surrey stool exudes impressive minimalistic straight line patterns to give a touch of modern in your space. Great as a stool and also as a side table by your sofa or in the bedroom!


Jones Rattan Bar Stool

IDR 1.456.000 IDR 1.237.600

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Sturdy rattan frame with custom upholstery for a better comfort! Our Jones Bar Stool is the perfect fit in your kitchen counters whether at home or your coffee shop, cafe and restaurant.


Burton Bar Stool

IDR 1.680.000 IDR 1.512.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Rustic yet refined, our Burton Bar Stools provide distinctive good looks from its richly-grained solid wood. Its raw steel legs create an ultimate industrial style to any room.


Lily Rattan Bar Stool

IDR 1.750.000 IDR 1.575.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Comfort guaranteed! Our Lily bar stool exudes the silhouette of a Hamptons or island inspired living. Perfect in the kitchen island or bar table.


Aspen Bar Stool

IDR 2.310.000 IDR 2.079.000

Ready stock 1 unit. Inquire for quick ship.

Create an effortless style to your kitchen counter or bar with our Aspen bar stool. Featuring its slim solid wood frame and an upholstered seat, the Aspen bar stool would provide your space both comfort and functionality.


Rue Bar Stool

IDR 4.245.000 IDR 2.547.000

Ready Stock. Inquire for quick ship.

Our Rue Bar Stool invites you to get yourself comfortable outdoor and indoors with its wooden frame and back shaped perfectly for leaning. Also, with its most distinctive hallmark: its navy blue resin wicker weave.


Larchmont Bar Stool

IDR 2.940.000 IDR 2.646.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Handwoven with synthetic wicker, our Larchmont bar stool are inspired by the laid-back and relaxed neighborhood of the Larcmont Village in California. The chair has been handwoven by our local craftsmen with intricate yet warm patterns to give the chair a soft look whether you place it indoor or outdoor.


Boca Bar Stool

IDR 3.000.000 IDR 2.700.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks. 

Simple and understated design. Our Boca collection of dining chairs, barstools and dividers highlight the simple, modern weaving technique while transforming the products to functional pieces. Made with Lloyd Loom, this material is hard wearing and timeless, using paper twisted around metal wire and weaved into large sheets of woven paper thread making the material softer, stronger and more comfortable than rattan. The lightweight black powdercoated aluminum frame highlights a clean-lined and contemporary aspect of the collection. The Boca dividers are also made with synthetic wicker allowing them to be weather proof, perfect for the indoors or the outdoors.


Cassia Bar Stool

IDR 4.284.000 IDR 3.855.600

Pre-order whithin 2 weeks.

Effortlessly chic handwoven rattan inserted into our sturdy solid wood frame, our Cassia Bar Stool is a modern take on a classic farm house design. Customize the color of the upholstery of your preference with our choices of fabrics.


Pablo Bar Table

IDR 5.090.000 IDR 4.072.000

Ready Stock 3 units. Inquire for quick ship

The Urban Quarter Cafe Selection provides a trendy alternative to the current coffee shop, cafe and restaurant trends. Rustic yet refined, our Pablo Bar Table screams industrial when placed in any setting.