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Lettering and Life Garland Flag (Available in 4 colors)


This adorable Garland Flag decoration by Lettering and Life is sure to bring a heartwarming touch to any child’s room. It’s designed to enliven any space with its charm. Perfect for hanging on the wall or near a baby’s crib, it adds a sweet and cozy feel. Available in four colors, this Garland Flag offers versatile options to match any nursery or playroom decor.

Lettering and Life New Black Forest Cake


The birthday cake toy offers endless imaginative play with its 4 detachable cake slices. Children can assemble and reassemble it as they wish, promoting fine motor skills and igniting their creativity and imagination. This toy encourages pretend play, enhancing hand-eye coordination as kids place candles on the cake. Even when not in use, it doubles as charming room decor, making it a versatile and engaging addition to any child’s play space.

Lettering and Life Shapes Chunky Puzzle


Introduce your child to the world of shapes with this Lettering and Life Wooden Puzzle. Designed for engaging play and learning, it features eight distinct shapes in natural and stained wood finishes. Perfect for developing cognitive abilities and recognizing colors and shapes, this puzzle is also a chic decor addition to any nursery or playroom. Enhance your child’s environment with this educational and decorative piece.


Lettering and Life New Veggie Chopping Set


Encourage culinary creativity with the Veggie Chopping Set from Lettering and Life, crafted from high-grade pine wood. This set includes a durable plate and an assortment of wooden vegetables like carrots, potatoes, radishes, onions, and mushrooms. Ideal for imaginative play, it helps little chefs hone their culinary skills in a fun, safe way. Plus, its charming design makes it a delightful piece of decor for any child’s room.


Lettering and Life Wooden Animal Blocks (Available in 1 set)


Wooden animal blocks are a delightful children’s toy collection, featuring a range of animals from wild to farm series. Each piece showcases unique traits, offering kids the chance to gain new insights. Beyond their educational value, these intricately designed blocks also serve as charming home decor, adding a playful yet stylish touch to any child’s room.

Lettering and Life Gelato Set


The Gelato Ice Cream Set by Lettering and Life, featuring cones and sticks in playful options, is enhanced with the brand’s signature earth-tone colors and four unique flavors: Choco Banana Stick, Strawberry Vanilla Choco Stick, Vanilla Strawberry Raspberry Cone, and Mint Lemon Cone. This set not only encourages children to explore flavors and choices but also doubles as charming home decor for a child’s room with its distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Lettering and Life Colorful Train Stacking Blocks


The Train Stacking Blocks toy is a delightful wooden locomotive set with versatile blocks for stacking, designed to enhance children’s motor skills, introduce colors and 3D shapes, and improve eye-hand coordination. Beyond its educational benefits, it stimulates brain readiness for language and movement, and serves as charming room decor when not in play.


Lettering and Life Black Wooden Blocks


Our versatile alphabet wooden blocks by Lettering and Life are more than just toys. They double as a tool for educational games like matching and memory, teaching counting and sentence construction. Kids can also build imaginative structures, fostering fine motor skills and learning about balance and cause and effect. These blocks stimulate both analytical and creative thinking, and when playtime is over, they become a charming home decor or a whimsical photo prop.