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Ponyee Keramik Mini Goblet


The Mini Goblet by Ponyee Keramik is a charming vessel that blends rustic vibes with a dash of whimsy. Its stout form and contrasting textures are a nod to ancient pottery, while the petite size makes it an endearing addition to your curated collection of unique stoneware.

Ponyee Keramik Orion Mug


Gaze into the depths of the cosmos with the Orion Mug by Ponyee Keramik. Its modern design and sleek silhouette are complemented by a dark, galaxy-inspired glaze. This mug is more than just a container for your beverages; it’s a celestial journey with every sip.

Ponyee Keramik Amon White Mug


Enhance your daily ritual with our Amon White Mug from Ponyee Keramik. This distinctive stoneware mug boasts a crisp white finish and a dynamic pleated design, setting it apart as a functional work of art. Ideal for your morning coffee or evening tea, it adds a fresh, modern twist to any kitchen or workspace.

Ponyee Keramik Horu Mug


Discover the tactile pleasure of our Horu Mug by Ponyee Keramik. Handcrafted from premium stoneware, this unique piece brings a touch of artisanal charm to your morning coffee routine. Its distinctive ribbed texture and smoky hue create a rustic yet modern aesthetic for your kitchen collection.

Ponyee Keramik Alba Square Tray


Serve up style with our rustic Alba Square Tray by Ponyee Keramik, a versatile stoneware essential that marries functionality with earthy elegance. Its raw, unrefined edges and rich, natural tones make it an ideal choice for presenting your culinary creations with a touch of rustic modern flair.

Ponyee Keramik Kaze Mug


Embrace the whisper of the wind with our Kaze Mug by Ponyee Keramik. This hand-finished stoneware mug captures the essence of a breezy day with its brushed glaze in muted earth tones. It’s just the right size for your favorite hot drink, providing a serene moment to start your day or unwind in the evening.