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Kemala Clover Teak Coaster

IDR 50.000

Introducing our Clover Teak Coaster by Kemala, the perfect fusion of natural beauty and practicality. Crafted from high-quality teak wood, these coasters bring a touch of timeless sophistication to your home while protecting your surfaces from unsightly drink rings and spills.


Kemala Honeycomb Teak Coaster

IDR 50.000

Enhance your home’s aesthetic with our Honeycomb Teak Coaster by Kemala, where form meets function. Their natural elegance and eco-friendly construction make them an essential addition to your table top. Protect your furniture while adding a touch of timeless charm with these exquisite coasters. Elevate your home décor effortlessly today!


Kemala Paddle Teak Coaster

IDR 65.000

Inspired by the timeless appeal of chopping boards, the Paddle teak coaster by Kemala brings a touch of rustic elegance to your decor. Their warm teak finish and classic shape effortlessly blend with various design styles.


Kemala Rustic Teak Board

IDR 150.000

Elevate your home’s ambiance with our Rustic Teak Board from Kemala — a versatile masterpiece that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from 100% teak wood, its earthy finish and natural charm make it a beautiful decoration for console tables, bathroom countertops, or mantels. In the kitchen, it doubles as a sturdy cutting board or an elegant serving platter, enhancing both style and practicality. Its enduring quality, easy maintenance, and unique, sustainable character make it an essential addition to any space, turning everyday moments into captivating experiences.

Normn Home Nita Towel in Teal (Available in 2 Sizes)

IDR 180.000IDR 290.000

Diamond grid pattern accentuates the Nita collection of towels by Normn Home through its modern and cool look. Available in bath towel and face towel!

Normn Home Nash Bath Towel (Available in 4 Colors)

IDR 290.000

Add a gorgeous pop of color to your bathroom with the Nash collection by Normn Home. Featuring a colorful patterned and modern design, the Nash bath towels are available in a variety of dashing colors. Easy to maintain and can be washed in machines.

Normn Home Nelly Bath Towel (Available in 2 Colors)

IDR 290.000

Playful and modern with a unique combination of colors that simply matches! The Nelly collection by Normn Home feature a range of face towels and hand towels made by 100% organic cotton. Perfect for traveling especially for a light and soft towel for your kids to use. This collection is definitely our personal favorite!

Normn Home Nafa Bath Towel (Available in 2 Colors)

IDR 290.000

With its herringbone effect, the Nafa collection of towels by Normn Home is an updated take on timeless pattern with its earthy hue. Woven in organic cotton, this towel makes a classic statement in the guest or master bathroom.

Normn Home Nilly Bath Towel (Available in 2 Colors)

IDR 290.000

Highlighting a signature zigzag woven design, rectangle shape and multicolor, the Nilly towels by Normn Home are all about eclectic yet subtle colors. This collection is designed to give vibrancy to your bathroom.

Normn Home Noble Beach Towel (Available in 2 Colors)

IDR 395.000

With its textured fringe and striped patterns, the Noble towels are designed to enable you to turn your bathroom into a natural sanctuary where you can practice self-care, reload and feel good at home. Available in 2 sizes: beach towel, which can also be used as a bath towel, and face towel.

Cut Petrified Wood Bookends (Set of 2)

IDR 495.000

A stunning way to display your favorite books on the shelf. Sold in a set of 2, the Cut bookends are made from petrified wood which has been cut and polished to create these chic pieces.

Sphere Marble Ball

IDR 500.000

Sleek marble sphere fills space elegantly within a bowl or when placed on the top of your coffee table books for a chic decoration. Lack of a flat side means it’ll roll without support.

Chalcedon Freeform Decorative

IDR 550.000

Fills the shelf elegantly with its freeform look or displayed on top of coffee table books. This pieces is made with a natural chalcedony stone.

Stump Freeform Decorative

IDR 600.000

Fills the shelf elegantly with its freeform look. Stump resembles a cut wooden log, while made with a natural stone.

Horizon Stone Bowl

IDR 750.000

An easy finishing touch to any room or tabletop. Each piece of our Horizon stone bowl is one of a kind due to the natural material. Offered with neutral natural stone to go along any interior.

Curve Long Decorative Bowl

IDR 850.000

Formed by nature and then polished to a smooth finish, the Curve decorative bowl is an eye-catching catchall bowl for keys, jewelry or used as a decorative centerpiece. A statement piece that is great for displaying on the bookshelf to the coffee table.