See inside our New Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia Store!

WE HAVE MOVED! Our Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia Store has been made to give you all a great atmosphere while choosing your furniture and housewares for your modern home, office, and/or commercial places. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if you could see the furniture showroom in the experience of an art exhibition? You can feel the experience of walking down the “hall like in an art exhibition” to see our furniture and housewares collection at our New Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia! Let’s take a look inside to check out our new Plaza Indonesia showroom interior!

Our aesthetic showroom

The aesthetically on our New Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia is the creation of local interior designer, SSOM Studio. The studio had managed to put a little touch of the cavernous building on our showroom, which creates the experience as if you are walking down the tunnel through different places. This kind of architecture is loosely inspired by the Long Museum–a private art museum in Shanghai, China, in which the architecture was designed by Liu Yichun of Atelier Deshaus. SSOM Studio divided our Plaza Indonesia showroom into a series of disconnected arched walls in order to create changing spatial experiences as the people walk through the store. It will give you a different feeling at every corner of the showroom, hence shopping for furniture and housewares would never be bored.

Versatility of our locally-made furniture + housewares

Our furniture and housewares are arranged artistically as the work of art in the exhibition. The idea of our furniture and housewares as art pieces intends to highlight the beauty of our collection and craftsmanship to the visitors who walk through the store. Aside from that, our interior could also give you some interior design preferences for your room filled with our collection. The space of the showroom that has been divided would give you the picture that our furniture is versatile and suitable for every kind of room-size. You can also find new rattan weavings and handmade items at our New Urban Quarter! 


However, there is no point in beauty if it does not last long. Urban Quarter chose rattan as part of the materials used in our furniture because, unlike bamboo, rattan is solid. The characteristic of a rattan could maintain the quality of our products for a very long time. In line with our mission to create meaningful change in society with our products, we want to make a great impact on every aspect, and it starts with the materials that we used for our furniture and housewares. We highlight as well the craftsmanship of our solid teak wood that has been kiln-dried to stand the test of time and weather. 

Visit our store from home!

We really want you to visit and experience our New Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do encourage everyone to stay at home. If you still want to take a look at our Plaza Indonesia showroom, you can visit our store in virtual reality and browse our furniture and housewares wherever you are! An experience like never before, a contact-less, virtual showroom tour of your comfort. Visit our virtual showroom by clicking the link here

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