Native to South East Asia and commonly found in Indonesia, Teak is one of the most popular wood to use as furniture due to its fiber and durability. The natural oils and rubber found within Teak makes the wood highly resistant to any rotting and almost impervious to the effects of any weather making the wood perfect for indoor and outdoor furniture. Our Teak wood is FSC-certified which comes from legal plantations and ensures the sustainable supply of teak wood that preserves the environment. Then, the wood is kiln-dried for weeks to condition the wood and eliminate moisture. Benefits of kiln dried wood include:
  • Kiln drying provides shorter drying time
  • Wood moisture content is controlled better with kiln drying
  • Kiln drying minimizes defects in the wood
  • It offers dryer wood and protection against fungal degradation
  • Kiln drying gives a temperature above 160F that hardens softwoods reducing resin seeping in wood
  • High temperatures help reduce fungi, mold, insects, and larvae in the wood when kiln drying
  • Kiln drying makes wood furniture lighter with reducing humidity


  • Teak requires very little maintenance. Use a mild soap water to scrub surface occasionally.
  • To remove grease spots, a light scrub with a de-greasing agent then rinse off with clean water is recommended.