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Edna Dining Chair

IDR 2.730.000 IDR 2.457.000

Pre-order within 1-2 weeks.

Applause to the streamlined style of iconic furniture designs of the ’50s and ’60s, our Edna Dining Chair adds mid-century style to your dining table.


Eldora Armchair

IDR 4.800.000 IDR 4.320.000

Pre-order within 2 weeks. 

Clean lines with the softest hand-built upholstery to give you the utmost comfort while sitting. The simple silhouette of the Eldora Armchair gives the chair a relaxed yet sophisticated look.


Greta Armchair

IDR 4.950.000 IDR 4.455.000

Pre-order within 2-3 weeks.

High style at a convenient price, our Greta Armchair is comfortable and compact. With its streamlined frame and upholstery, this chair makes it easy to be matched with any style of your space. Whether it’s for a home or office, we made it truly versatile to match any sorts of designs of your preference.


Venice Three-Seater Sofa

IDR 10.500.000 IDR 9.450.000

Pre-order within 3 weeks.

Our Venice Three-Seater sofa’s streamlined shape and its minimal look fits everywhere. Pairing well with bright colors to mid-century woods or even neutrals! Its soft upholstery and deep seats make it so comfortable along with its deep arm rest.


Keller Three-Seater Sofa

IDR 11.250.000 IDR 10.125.000

Pre-order within 3 weeks.

An instant classic. Delivering you tons of comfort, our Keller three-seater sofa gives your space a high style with a friendly price.


Malcolm Three-Seater Sofa

IDR 11.500.000 IDR 10.350.000

Pre-order within 8 weeks.

Giving you an airy, deep seat and modern look to your living room! Our Malcolm Three-Seater Sofa has a slightly thin metal frame to give you the contemporary modern look. This sofa is available in your choice of fabric from our fabric catalog so you can opt one that is right for you!