Urban Quarter Kemang Pop Up: We are NOW OPEN at Colony 6, Level 1!

Now open! After much consideration of finding the location for our new store, Kemang has certainly been at the top of our list. Our store is also nestled in the quaint, modest and understated building of Colony 6, Kemang. 

Providing you more than an experience center, this store aims to provide our customers a showcase of more of our products focusing on current lifestyle trends. Lifestyle trends include more outdoor leisure, gardening, working from home to self-care routines. Therefore, customers will get to view our best sellers of outdoor furniture, greeneries (plants and planters!), WFH furniture to cater to you and your kids’ for at home online learning, to pieces you’ll certainly love for organizing. 

Just like the Urban Quarter Plaza Indonesia Store, the Kemang Store will be adapted on its design and feel based on the surrounding location. What differs the Kemang Store to the Plaza Indonesia Store? As the Plaza Indonesia Store is situated in the heart of the city in Central Jakarta, the store caters towards urban living and to customers living in the city especially for apartment living. The furniture situated in the Plaza Indonesia Store is focused on compact, small-spaced living and functional, versatile pieces to meet the space available in the apartment. For our Kemang Store, we will focus on our customers living surrounding this neighborhood, a calm yet edgy, family-friendly neighborhood. Focusing on families living in town houses and houses with beautiful backyards to fill in for outdoor entertaining and dining!

Our local makers will also participate in selling their locally-made housewares as well in our Kemang Store! Local makers include: 

Our collaborations with local businesses make us better at what we do. It opens new doors to new audiences, support local businesses, and provide us with more inspired ideas. We welcome local makers to partake in joining us through selling at our platforms to further inspire other makers and small businesses. 

Don’t forget to visit us! See you there.

Urban Quarter Kemang
Colony 6, Level 1
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan

Open Daily 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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