Urban Quarter PROJECTS — Check out La Boheme Room + Coffee!

With the current pandemic going on, many of us had cancelled plans on our vacations, works and travels whether across cities or countries. Staycation has been the current trend for many of us living in Jakarta or cities closeby. What does it mean by a Staycation? Staycation refers to staying in other places besides your home, whether in a hotel, villa or even an AirBnB, it’s referred to as a staycation as it means to have a little vacation or getaway. Last year, we had the opportunity to furnish some of the areas and parts of the room of La Boheme Rooms and Coffee, a cozy Bohemian style co-living space or hotel located in Setiabudi, Central Jakarta. 

With safety protocols adjusted to the place, La Boheme provides a clean, limited contact place to stay for their guests. What we love about La Boheme is how close the place is to the MRT Station! Yes, just five minutes walk from the Setiabudi Astra MRT Station. Once you enter the café and sundaze corner, you can find how the interior of the place really speaks for its name. Applying the Bohemian style, La Boheme interior uses a combination of natural colors on the walls and the decorations. Around the interior, you can find our thoughtfully-made rattan furniture: chairs, coffee tables, shelves, lamp cages, and sofas. With an artistic design, the furniture strengthens more on the peaceful yet adventurous vibe of the decoration concept. The natural light-brown color of the rattan furniture is paired with the fresh green color from the plants around the room. It gives you that vacation feeling where you feel chill and relax.

Getting in the bedroom, the vibe remains the same, only in a more comfortable way. As you lay on the bed, feel the warm lights come out of our rattan lamp cage on the bedside. The room is also completed with our rattan side table and laundry basket as the highlights of the Bohemian concept. Giving a lively and natural detail inside the room, you can find some green plants around the sink.

It was a lovely experience as we walked around La Boheme. The outdoor area and the balcony are also filled with our Bohemian-style rattan furniture. Completed with bigger benches and tables, it allows you to sit and gather around with your small group of friends or family. A nice spot to enjoy the morning while having a cup of coffee and eating your favorite pastries. Last but definitely not least, spare your time to spend a lovely evening on La Boheme’s rooftop. The rooftop is a perfect place to have quality time with your loved ones. Other than that, it’s a perfect place to take pictures and mark your peaceful staycation moment at La Boheme.

At Urban Quarter, we believe in delivering our values in every product we make. Creating art using environmentally-friendly, sustainable and conscious materials, we’d love to present furniture products that tell meaningful stories for our partners, customers, and to each person enjoying our products. On a staycation, exploring nice spots around the hotel is another fun thing that you can enjoy, especially when it comes to beautiful thematic decoration. We hope that you get to enjoy La Boheme as a choice of Staycation place just like how we’ve enjoyed it!

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